DiseqC + 36v Motors

Installing a motorised satellite tv system

Most people that install a motorised satellite system do so because they are not happy with all of the repeats that SKY show, because of curiosity, channels in their native tongue or maybe for the hardcore uncensored pornography. Installing a motorised satellite system is a challenge but well worth the time spent. For this tutorial I will assume that you are going to wall mount your dish but if not you will be glad to know that most of the information here will still apply to you. Following the instructions found here you should be able to have a fully working system within 5-6 hours.
Determine what you want to watch i.e. movies, music, documentaries or whatever you can get as this will determine what satellite receiver you buy. Some receivers can be patched with software to allow you to view pay TV but others may require you to buy a conditional access module which you would have to program in order to view encrypted channels. There are receivers out there that use software to emulate these cam's i.e. EX4 Combo HD ,  the VU+ Solo 2 is our best selling alternative. Carry on reading here

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